Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have been missing from my life for about a week now. I went to photograph a wedding on Sat Nov 31st and when I got home my baby was sick and did not feel good. I gave her a bath and put her to bed. By the next morning see had so much trouble breathing we decided to take her to the children’s hospital to the ER. WE check her in and within 25 min. They had as in a room in the ER. To make a long story short she has Asthma. My sister in law suspected that she did when she was around 6 months and we have even asked her doctor a few times but was always told they don’t diagnose Asthma at such a young age unless they have a major attack . She was always treated as having a cold. Anyway so we make it home on Tues. afternoon and around 12 p.m. she starts vomiting and continues to do so until about 8 the next morning. We get up and take her to her pediatrician her listens to what we whet through than listens to her chest than sends back to children’s because she is concerned about pneumonia and dehydration. After several hours of waiting this time mostly to see if she was going to vomit. They finally put us in a room. This time they decide she has picked up a bug, most likely from there and they are going to put an IV in so she won’t dehydrate since she can’t keep anything down. So finally on Sat the fowling week we are home and I hope we get to stay her. She is doing much better. The vomiting has passed and now we are on to the diarria stage. And apparently hubby also got it. Yay me!


Jonie said...

yeah asthma is not fun, my davin has it, and so do I, You will just have to cut back on perfume and other scented things to make sure that is not what is causing her attacks, could just be pollen too, I am allergic to all the pollen in my area so I have a lot of trouble with mine, even with allergy pills. Hope you get her stabilized and in a good routine

LeakyMouth said...

I can relate to that too. My daughter was asthmatic for many years. Finally outgrown it around age 7. We still don't know what the causes were.
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