Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally, I got to sew.

So today my wonderfull hubby play with the baby this morning so I could get som sewing done. The most I have sewed is a taggie blanket for my daughter and one for my niece so I'm not real good at reading the dirctions. My first attemt turned out cute although I can see where I messed up. My daughter confiscated that one whe she tried it on. LOL. The next attempt just frustrated me. It is a difernt pattern than the first one and I can't figgure out where I went wrong,(sigh) I just gave up for now and sat down on the computer. I need to get up and finish what I am making for the Racheal,Martha, and Ellen baskets for the Cafemom Etsy team. I am going to put a picture of my little model in the dress that did half way right.

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